/ Mimic wrinkle correction serum

Mimic wrinkle correction serum


Micellar solution with rosehip oil (restoration of skin structure, making lifting effect, normalization of cellular metabolism); microemulsions of organosilicon acids with rose root extract (tonic effect, stimulation of skin metabolism) and oxygen effect; "detoxifying rejuvenating complex" (neutralization of harmful environmental effects).

Methods of application and dosage

Apply a small amount of the serum to problem areas of face, lightly massage until it’s completely absorbed. Apply in the morning and/or in the evening. It is recommended to use it in cycles several times a year. It is necessary to take breaks between cycles, otherwise the skin may become oversaturated due to high concentration of active substances.


Dispenser bottle, 15 ml

Storage conditions

Keep out of reach of children at the temperature from 5 °С to 25 °С

Shelf life

2 years

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