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Indications for use: Tonsillitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis, aphthous and ulcerative stomatitis.
Indications for use: Non-specific vulvitis, colpitis, cervical erosion; condition after uterine extirpation, cervical diathermocoagulation; proctitis, condition after rectal and perineal surgeries; erosive-ulcer lesions of oral and periodontal mucosa; burns of first and second degrees.
Indications for use: In complex therapy for patients with chronic non-calculous cholecystitis and chronic hepatitis.
Indications for use: Infectious wounds (including sluggish wounds), trophic ulcers, burns, free skin plastics, microbial eczema, itching dermatitis.
Indications for use: Inflammatory diseases of oral mucous membrane: catarrhal gingivitis and stomatitis, aphthous and ulcerative stomatitis, periodontitis.
Indications for use: Inflammatory diseases of oral mucous membrane: catarrhal gingivitis and stomatitis, aphthous and ulcerative stomatitis, periodontitis.
Indications for use: Inflammatory ENT diseases (including rhinitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis).
Indications for use:

Prevention and treatment of skin mycotic infections, including foot mycoses, inguinal epidermophytosis (tinea cruris), mycotic lesions of smooth skin (tinea corporis), caused by dermatophytes such as Trichophyton (including Trichophyton rubrum, Trichophyton mentagrophytes, Trichophyton verrucosum, Trichophyton violaceum), Microsporum canis and Epidermophyton floccosum.

Yeast infections of skin, mainly those caused by the genus Candida (e.g. Candida albicans), in particular diaper.

Scaly skin disease (Pityriasis versicolor) caused by Pityrosporum orbiculare (also known as Malassezia furfur).

Indications for use: Prevention and rapid relief of bronchospasm of bronchial asthma, chronic obstructive bronchitis, lung emphysema.
Salbutamol AV
Indications for use: Bronchial asthma: rapid relief of bronchial asthma attacks, including recrudescence of severe bronchial asthma; prevention of bronchospasm attacks caused by affecting allergen or by physical activity; use as a component in long-term maintenance therapy of bronchial asthma; chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), accompanied by reversible airway obstruction, chronic bronchitis.
Indications for use: Prophylactic peparation for children and adults with high need for vitamins (a period of intensive growth of children, increased physical and mental stress, a period of pregnancy and breastfeeding, unbalanced and poor nutrition, in a period of recovery from diseases) and for increasing human body's resistance to infectious and colds.
Indications for use: Complex therapy of peripheral diseases (radiculitis, neuralgia, neuritis) and central nervous system, asthenic conditions of different genesis.
Indications for use: Prevention of deficiency of vitamins of the medication; increased homocystein level.
Indications for use: Hypovitaminosis and avitaminosis of ascorbic acid and rutozide. As part of a complex therapy of diseases accompanied by violation of vascular permeability: varicosity, trophic disorders and skin ulcers, chronic venous insufficiency, hemorrhagic diathesis.
Indications for use:

Conditions arising from deficiency of ascorbic and folic acid: macrocytic anemia, sprue. Anemia and leukopenia caused by medicinal substances and ionizing radiation, with anemia arising from resection of the stomach and intestines, liver disease, dystrophy.

Conditions of increased need for ascorbic and folic acids: pregnancy (especially multifetal pregnancy, against the background of nicotine or drug addiction), lactation period.

Alpha-tocopherol acetate
Indications for use: Treatment of hypovitaminosis and E avitaminosis.
Indications for use: Treatment of deficiency of vitamin A.
Indications for use:

A and E avitaminosis.

In complex therapy:

- skin lesions and diseases accompanied by tissue trophic disorders (psoriasis, some forms of eczema, ichthyosis, seborrheic dermatitis);

- obliterating endarteritis.

Indications for use: Hypovitaminosis (prophylaxis), reduced resistance of the organism to infectious and colds diseases, long-term antibiotic treatment, reduced visual acuity in certain professions (drivers, pilots, etc.).
Indications for use: For prevention and treatment of hypovitaminosis, developing against the background of following conditions: the use of antibiotics, in the recovery period after illness, during increased physical and mental stress, to improve metabolism in old and elderly age.
Ascorbic Acid
Indications for use: Treatment and prevention of hypovitaminosis and avitaminosis of vitamin C and related conditions.
Indications for use:

Prevention of recurrence of paroxysmal rhythm disorders: life-threatening ventricular arrhythmias (including ventricular tachycardia and ventricular fibrillation); supraventricular arrhythmias (including in case of organic heart diseases, as well as in case of ineffectiveness or impossibility to use other antiarrhythmic therapy); confirmed attacks of recurrent stable supraventricular paroxysmal tachycardia for patients with Wolf-Parkinson-White syndrome; ciliary arrhythmia (atrial fibrillation) and atrial fluttering.

Prevention of sudden death due to arrhythmia for high-risk patients: patients after a recent myocardial infarction with more than 10/h of ventricular extrasystoles, with clinical signs of chronic heart failure (CHF) and a left ventricular ejection fraction (LV) of less than 40%.

Indications for use:
  • Cognitive impairment in organic brain damage, including the effects of neuroinfections, head injuries and neurotic disorders;

  • in extrapyramidal hyperkinesis, for patients with hereditary diseases of nervous system in combination with therapy;

  • as a corrector in case of side effects of neuroleptic agents, in case of neuroleptic extrapyramidal syndrome (hyperkinetic and akinetic), as a part of complex therapy in case of cerebral organic insufficiency in patients with schizophrenia;

  • epilepsy with retardation of mental processes in complex therapy with anticonvulsants;

  • Psychoemotional overloads, reduction of mental and physical performance, to improve concentration and memory;

  • neurogenic disorders of urination (pollakiuria, imperative urges, imperative urinary incontinence, enuresis);

  • children with delayed development (mental, speech, motor or their combination), including against the background of perinatal encephalopathy and in children with various forms of cerebral palsy;

  • children with hyperkinetic disorders (hyperactivity syndrome with attention deficit);

  • children with neurosis-like conditions (ticks; stuttering, mainly in a clonic form).

Indications for use: Functional cardialgia, neurosis, as well as an antiemetics for sea and aerial sickness.
Indications for use: Painful syndrome of strong and moderate severity: injuries, toothache, pain in the postpartum and postoperative period, cancer, myalgia, arthralgia, neuralgia, radiculitis, sprains, sprains, rheumatic diseases. It is for symptomatic therapy, reduction of pain and inflammation during its intake, it does not affect the progression of a disease.
Indications for use:
  • Symptomatic treatment of osteoarthritis;

  • Symptomatic treatment of rheumatoid arthritis;

  • Symptomatic treatment of ankylosing spondylitis (Bekhterev's disease).

Sea-buckthorn oil, capsules
Indications for use: It’s used as a part of a complex therapy as a mean for stimulating reparative processes in gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, hyperacid gastritis, conditions after surgery on gastrointestinal tract.
Rosehip oil
Indications for use: Rosehip oil is used externally for shallow shakes and nipple abrasions for nursing women, pressure sores, trophic ulcers of shin, dermatosis, ozena, ulcerative colitis (in complex therapy). In dermatosis, along with topical application rosehip oil is used per os.
Sea-buckthorn oil
Indications for use: In complex therapy as a wound-healing mean, for radiating defeats and burns of skin and mucous membranes; in gastroenterology - for stomach ulcer and duodenal ulcer; in gynecology - colpitis, endocervicitis, cervical erosion of a uterus; in proctology - for adults and children for treatment of hemorrhoids and rectal fissures.
Indications for use:

Infectious and inflammatory diseases of periodontal and oral cavity mucosa:

  • acute and chronic gingivitis;

  • acute ulcerative necrotic gingivitis of Vincennes;

  • acute and chronic periodontitis;

  • periodontal disease complicated by gingivitis;

  • aphthous stomatitis;

  • Heilitis;

  • inflammation of the oral mucous membrane when wearing prostheses;

  • post-extraction alveolitis (inflammation of the well after tooth extraction);

  • Periodontal abscess periodontitis (as part of combined therapy).

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Products: 49
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